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Walt's Values


Education is the foundation of our country. An educated Arizona only brightens our future. We must continue to support all educational opportunities for Arizona’s children. Public, Charter, Trade, Technical, Computer, and any other school that benefits our future generations. 


Our criminal justice system needs repair. Sentencing reforms, inmate education, and decreasing the recidivism rate is critical to Arizona. Currently, Arizona’s economy is losing 3 billion dollars per year from our prison population. Education and workforce training is crucial to future economic growth. 


I proudly served in the United States Army for 22 years. Unfortunately, many veterans are forgotten once they leave the service. I will continue finding ways to help America’s heroes when they return home. 


Legal immigration is vital to the growth of our nation. Tens of thousands of immigrants come to this country each year who have gone through all the steps to come here legally. We need to make this process easier and encourage all people to follow this model. 

A nation without borders isn’t a nation at all. Supporting our Border Patrol and other law enforcement officers who work to keep us safe shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Stopping the flow of narcotics and weapons in to our country is critically important, and it will save lives. 

Rural Arizonans have a different respect for the 2nd amendment. It gives us the right to protect our land from wildlife, hunt, and most importantly protect our families. I will always fight to protect our constitutional rights, and the 2nd amendment is no different. 

Rural Arizona is oftentimes overlooked by legislators at the Capitol who are focused on bringing jobs to Maricopa county. I will continue working to bring more opportunities to our district. Our district is flush with natural resources, but is stuck under the control of the federal government. I will push continue pushing legislation to change that. 

Access to the internet has quickly become a neccessity across the country. Our rural families aren’t afforded the same luxuries as urban families. I will work to bridge that gap and give our families the same services provided to people in big cities. 

The lifeblood of our state are too often overlooked. Ranchers feed us all and are stewards of the land. We need to remove regulations that are harmful to the ranching community. I will continue to work with stakeholders to ease the government overreach on Ranchers across Arizona. 

This is a very personal issue to me, and I am pro life. You can watch a short video here on why. 

Ensuring that all Arizonans will have free and fair elections is critical. We must defend our voter ID laws, ensure only citizens are voting, and continue our use of paper ballots. 

Providing quality affordable healthcare is crucial to all Arizonans. Rural Arizonans need access to the same healthcare provided to residents in urban areas. 

It is crucial that we keep a balanced state budget. We can’t afford to act like Congress and accrue massive amounts of debt. I will continue to push for balanced budgets and to keep taxes low. 

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Walt Blackman is retired army and use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the United States Army or the Department of Defense.